Owera Vineyards

At Owera Vineyards, wine is family.

Muserlian family welcomes you to Owera Vineyards. In 2007, Nancy and Peter Muserlian purchased a 57-acre farm at the north end of Cazenovia Lake. Their vision was to create a family legacy project that would bring their family and other families together for casual gatherings and special occasions. Owera was conceived by and for family, and that feeling of family extends to every guest and each employee at Owera Vineyards. As with many start-up vineyards, their wine making operation started with small beginnings. Peter dreamed of planting grapes and making wine, while Nancy thought to herself, ‘I just like to drink Chardonnay!’ She was not sure wine grown and produced locally would be good, but they decided to give it a try. They had their first official crush in 2010. Muserlian family In 2012, they broke ground on a tasting room and wine production facility as well as an event and promotional center to help promote the sale of their wines. That significant undertaking resulted in the Owera you see today, with recent additions of the barn and new barrel room. It’s been a long journey with many unexpected twists and turns along the way. Despite the challenges, every step of the journey has been worthwhile. The old friends and new faces we greet every day at Owera has created a legacy that goes well beyond the buildings, the grounds and the grapes. For us, the vineyard is about more than fine wine, great food and a spectacular setting; it’s about creating a place where people can gather, enjoy great company and make memories. At Owera Vineyards, wine is family.

5276 East Lake Road Cazenovia, New York
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